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When I started some 3 years ago, I was experienced entrepreneur by then but I still made some mistakes.These 6 Tips can help you sustain your startup during initial phase of your business.

Let me tell you what mistakes I made and how I fixed those.

Perfectionist Approach

There is nothing wrong in trying to make your product perfect neither I am not advocating to start selling buggy product. When I started developing 9Digits 2nd Line App, I was continuously working on making it perfect before presenting over to customer.

This was my first mistake, I keep paying developers without getting single dime and even I didn’t have any idea whether customers are going to like it or not. I was not aware of any bug which might appear during realtime use.

Then I decided to start offering this service at very low price, I flooded with new orders. Now I knew that customers are going to love it. Then I started getting some bug reports which we were not aware of and we also received few really good suggestion from users.

Invested much on expensive tools

I purchased some expensive tools which were very good but most of them were not required at the initial stage of projct. I get rid of them and choose rather free version of same kinds of tools. Yeah, later on when I started getting business I slowly migrated to those tools again.

didn’t use CRM

Maintain customers records properly. When I started freelancing back in 2004 since then I served more than 10000 customers. But my bad I didn’t care to keep record of them.

I realised power of keeping records when I extracted contacts who paid me by Paypal and sent them email. I was surprised by result , 10% conversion rate.


Whether you are sending cold email or sending it to subscribers, followup them regularly but keep in mind you shouldn’t spam.

Focus on Paid Channel only

I used Google Adwords and Facebook Ads to promote my App and service. I didn’t care about SEO, social media marketing but when I started I got very good result.

Learn or hire

If you have time to learn, I advise to learn few things, SEO, PPC and social media marketing. but if you don’t have time you can hire freelancers from upwork or Fiverr.