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roofing company advertising

Written by Ajit Panday

August 26, 2021

3 Ideas for roofing company advertising

3 Ideas for roofing company advertising


You have a roofing business, and if you are not using digital marketing or online lead generation, you are missing many potential customers. I know you agree with me, but if you are thinking about hiring a digital marketing agency, then hold on for a few minutes and read this whole article, it could save you lots of money.

First, we will have to think about possible channels where we can run roofing ads; You will have to give some time on social media and do some research to find out this.

Social Media Paid Ads

Start with Adspy for roofing ad, check out this website and register an account, log in to account and click on AD SPY, then input words like roof ad, roof ads, roofing ad, roofing ads. You will see many roofing companies are advertising their business online.
You can see Facebook Ads, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo Ads. Click on each tab, and you will be amazed to see tons of roof repairing businesses here. You can take inspiration from these advertisements and learn what you can do in your Advertisement and what kind of content ( Text, Image, and Video ) could be used.

roofing facebook ads

Google PPC Ads

Google Ads ( Adwords) are the best way to get instant leads to your roofing company. Using Adwords, You can show your ads in your service area only. First, you will have to do keyword research; this is the essential step towards marketing for roofers business.

How to do Keyword research for promoting roofers company

You know your business and your competitors better than anyone else, so find out which website performs the best in this niche. To do this, search for the keyword “ roofers near me” in Google and copy few websites in notepad.

 Now open Google Keyword planner or any keyword research tool; in this example, I am using the Ahref tool for keyword research.

Login to Ahref and click on site explorer; input one of those websites you have copied in notepad. You will see here all keywords these websites are ranking on. Copy these keywords in notepad, do the same thing with websites. Now you have enough keywords.

roofing digital marketing

Creating Adwords Campaign

Login to Adwords account and click on the new campaign, follow the step and create new campaign. Go to youtube and search for “create Adwords campaign” you will find many videos there which will help you create your campaign. Just make sure to use keywords you have collected using keyword research in the above step.

A blog for your roofing company marketing

These days people search for information before making any buying decision. Everyone wants to save their money, so they want to find out more and more information. This is where you can help them, provide information people are searching for. Companies make mistakes here, they try to sell their product even on the blog, but you shouldn’t make that mistake. Keep your blog informative on the topic; You can put your banner or Ad on your blog post and show offers.

roofing blog topics

Now, you might ask, how do I need what information are people searching for? You will have to do keyword research again. Login to Ahref and click on Keyword explorer; here, input the keyword “ roof repair.” You will have lots of keywords here, but you need to add filters, select volume, input a minimum of 50, select KD and input a maximum of 20.

I can see 430 keywords, download these keywords and investigate which keywords are worth writing articles.

roofing blog ideas

commercial roofing lead generation

Ok, You wrote blog posts on those topics, and your blog ranked on Google, Bing, and Yahoo on these keywords, still not getting customers. This is a common problem; first, you need to place some banner ads in between articles, and so if they find your blog post helpful and want to go ahead with purchasing decision, this offer can help them take action.

Another important thing is to try to get their information like name, email, and phone number. You can use an exit-intent popup and ask them to input their contact information and give them something they might like, like a Coupon code, special discount, some ebook, or anything.

You can also embed a newsletter form that website visitors subscribe to, sending them information and offers via email.

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