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Google Voice and GoDaddy SmartLine are second phone number providers that give you power to use a dedicated business number from your personal device.

Features Comparison

FeatureGodaddy SmartlineGoogle Voice
Pricing$3.99 / User per Month  Free
2nd Phone Number YesYes
Mobile AppYesYes
Desktop AppNoYes
Call RecordingNoYes
Call ForwardingYesYes
Voice Mail to EmailYesYes
Landline CompatibilityNoYes
International CallingCan receive calls from outside the U.S., not sendFor an additional fee 
Do not disturb after business HoursYes No

When to Use GoDaddy SmartLine

Godaddy Smartline offers call management, call recording, and gives ability to set designated business hours for callers . It is available for iOS and Android devices. While the service forwards business calls to your personal phone .

This means you won’t be disturbed by work calls after business hours. It also providing call management features like forwarding, blocking, and voicemail.

When to Use Google Voice

Google Voice is free and great features make this the better virtual phone solution for most businesses. It is a great option for professional who want a separate work number to make calls on their landline, cellphone, or desktop. Google Voice also offers call management, call recording, and the ability to dial out to numbers outside of the U.S. 

Final Thoughts – which app suits your business?

Google Voice provides second phone number with features like voicemail, call blocking, and call screening. Google Voice offers almost all of the features of GoDaddy SmartLine, but at no cost, making it suitable for most businesses that don’t need to set scheduled working hours.

However, while GoDaddy SmartLine starts at $3.99 per user, per month, it’s better for professionals wanting to strictly limit calls to set business hours.