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I started Freelancing back in 2007, I was getting lots of new customer inquiries but that time I didn’t know about CRM, Followup, automation.

I even didn’t bother to save clients Email addresses. But by the end of 2009 I had lots of competition in my niche and I started getting low customer inquires even spending much higher on PPC campaigns. In a particular month I got no new customers after paying 20K on google adwords.

That time I thought about sending emails to customer who made payment to me. I found 361 Email addresses from my Paypal account. I send them simple email that if they need any help they can contact me, I was not expecting anything but to my surprise I got 17 positive replies same day and almost 82 withing 3 days.

That day I realize about something needs to be done in order to remain in loop with clients and prospects, I started using some email automation tools, they gave result but I wanted something which can take care my sales, Marketing and support thing automatically so that I can focus on my product and skills.


Here is finally I got Agile CRM


You can watch this video for step by step instructions