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2nd Line is a must-have tool for entrepreneurs and startups. That is why we have developed an easy to use app which can be installed and manage from your smartphone. You can download the app from play store and you add a second line with dedicated USA phone number with features like auto-attendant and voicemail.

A second phone number can be useful for lots of reasons apart from business owners. If you’re active on tinder or similar dating app or have a profile on matrimonial websites, you may not want to spread your “real” phone number.

Whatever the reason, getting a second number using 2nd line app 9digits can be both helpful and affordable.

What is 9digits 2nd Line app?

9digits is an 2nd line app that’s available for Android phones and tablets. We are working on iOS version on App, which will be available from Oct this year.

The 2ndLine app is pretty simple. When you download the app, you choose a phone number. The app then utilizes your phone’s data plan for both calling and texting through the app.

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