Backup phone number for your Business

“Backup Phone Number” with Business Phone like features takes over whenever your internet or phone service goes down.


Internet Outage made Phones Down?

You might have experienced Phone Service Down Time whenever there is an internet outage. But not anymore, Get “Backup Phone Number” and set conditional call forward to the number provided by us.


Upload Greeting: Login to our portal and upload welcome greeting.

Create Departments: You can create up to five departments..

Add Users: You can add upto five users in each department Add users’ mobile number..

Now your Backup phone system is ready

Login to your Primary phone operator panel and enable conditional call forwarding, and set it to “Backup Phone Number” provided by us..

IVR Welcome Greeting

It’s a useful and cost-effective feature that automates the incoming call process. Thank you for calling ABC Company, Please hold the line while connecting you to agent ..

Voicemail to Email

Callers can leave voicemail, You can listen voicemail online or you can get it in your inbox.

Multiple Departments

You can have multiple departments and assign multiple users in each department, when call comes in for that department, it will ring all users cell phone.

Time Based Call Routing

Play different welcome greeting when call received after working hours. You can set calls to go to voicemail or any other destination.

It’s not just Backup Phone Number

It’s a complete Business Phone Service!



Saved missed calls

“At Denver Dial, We are doing drop shipping for the last six years, and we send goods in many countries. Sometimes my phone goes down due to internet  but now I can still receive calls  .”

Andrea Noting, Denvar Dial

“We are a small company based in Florida, We use Comcast bundle service, when our phone doesn’t work we still receive calls directly on cell phone”

Arun S. Murti,  Zylus Design