2nd Line Business Phone Service App


Second Phone App for Small Businesses

Whether you are a Small Business, solopreneur or Freelancer, this 2nd line phone app can change the way you communicate with you global and Local clients.

Must have FREE Mobile App for Startups, Freelancers, Small businesses having clients around the globe or anyone having business affair globally.

Never miss potential business with voicemail feature of 9Digits’ App. Project Professional image of your business.


It’s a useful and cost-effective feature that automates the incoming call process. Thank you for calling ABC Company, Please hold the line while connecting you to agent ..


Establish a Local Presence, bypass hefty long-distance charges. Make calls with that number as a local call, instead of using up your costly cellphone’s network.


You can make and receive unlimited calls with the United States using 9digits 2nd line app. It works on both 3G/4G mobile network and WiFi network.


Not available to take calls! No problem, let them hear your company welcome greeting. Set it to go to voicemail, and you can listen to voicemail anytime.

USA: +1-818-465-4999

S. AFRICA: +27600703066

UK: +44-15-1317-2999

AUSTRALIA: +61-15-1297-2756

SWEDEN: +46-406-887-768

FRANCE: +33-172-060-599


N. ZEALAND: +64-78094108

GERMANY: +49-15735993542


USA Small businesses

GLOBAL Small businesses

“At Denver Dial, We are doing drop shipping for the last six years, and we send goods in many countries. Now my customers can reach me without dialing International calls. I started with FREE service but found it a valuable tool to spend money.”

Andrea Noting, Denvar Dial

“We are a small company based in India, but most of our client are from outside India. We used Skype, WhatsApp, and other tools nothings worked for us. Now my clients can dial local number reach me. Thanks 9Digits.”

Arun S. Murti,  Zylus Design

“I am a Business Coach, have customers all around the globe. It was uncomfortable to ask clients to call international number, though I had numbers in 3 more countries that were not enough. Started using 9Digits App, such a relief for as well as my clients.”

Bob Timothy, Another Chance, INC

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